Cousins Cross Sexual Paths In Pure Taboo's ‘Uncle Fucker’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Writer/producer Bree Mills and director/producer Craven Moorehead deliver a double dose of boundary-crossing sexual scenarios, exposing risky relationships between family, both blood and chosen, in the new DVD release from Pure Taboo, Uncle Fucker. The disc consists of  two scenes: “Uncle Fucker” and “What My Cousin Did.”

“The two episodes on this release were both exhilarating and thought-provoking to bring to life," said Bree Mills, Pure Taboo's creator and head of Gamma Films. "The actors are fantastic, and really suck you into the seedy underbelly of their lives.”

“Pure Taboo’s releases are what defines the new generation of porn production,” opined Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “With top-notch star talent, shot beautifully, with a solid, twisted storyline, often with deep psychological undertones, Mills and Moorehead consistently deliver the high-quality content sought by their fans.”

In “Uncle Fucker,” family lines get blurred, when not-so-immediate family members get together and closer than ever. Jessica (Giselle Palmer) is a blossoming young girl, who has just turned eighteen. Stifled by her father, she finds it difficult to express and explore her budding sexuality—but sees her father’s game-day get-together as the perfect opportunity! Family friend John (Steve Holmes) will be coming over, and is so close to the family, he’s practically an uncle to Jessica. As the game starts, John notices Jessica’s sexuality, and advances on his friend’s daughter… and soon, their “family” ties become inexplicably knotted, as they interlock in more ways than one. Then, in “What My Cousin Did,” Rebecca (Ivy Wolfe) discovers her cousin Todd (Robby Echo)—the cousin with whom she cannot deny the sexual tension—will be at their upcoming family gathering. When they meet face-to-face, Rebecca and Todd submit to their desires and go where no cousins ever should.

“Uncle Fucker” stars Giselle Palmer and Steve Holmes; Ivy Wolfe and Robby Echo star in “What My Cousin Did.” To view the box cover and synopsis, as well as the official trailer, click here.

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