Country Group Supplies Songs for Adam & Eve's 'Love, Sex & Music'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Country group Honest Family Outlaws recorded original songs for the soundtrack of Adam & Eve's feature, Love, Sex & Music.

When director Will Ryder was desperately seeking the perfect song for the production of his feature movie Love, Sex & Music, he ventured into a dusty bar in Tujunga, Calif., and ran smack dab into a group of outlaws—Honest Family Outlaws that is, and they were performing country trap songs live on stage when Ryder knew he wanted them to be involved with the soundtrack of his movie.

“They were on stage, absolutely killing it when they launched into a great country song they wrote called ‘On the Radio’ and it clicked immediately that it was the perfect song for my movie which is all about the country music business in Nashville,” Ryder remarked.

After the chance encounter, what resulted was a 2:00 a.m. meeting as the band slammed shots of whisky while letting Ryder know that their song was not available.

“We had just cut a deal for that song so we couldn’t license it, but Will was relentless and convinced us to go into the recording studio and create some other songs for his movie,” stated Adam E., the band’s guitar player.

Nowadays, creating original music specifically for an adult movie is rarely a consideration due to both the high cost of artists and the easy availability of compositions on music licensing services. However, spending the extra cash for original music was worth it to Ryder. Following the agreement from Honest Family Outlaws, Ryder's next step was to convince Adam & Eve.

“Getting Adam & Eve Pictures to buy into my vision posed certain questions, but we were able to agree that this script was unique, the characters authentic and we had to go the extra mile to make this movie our most dramatic ever,” Ryder confessed. “Very few companies would agree to this.”

The new compositions, "Right Into Your Arms" and "Born Country," were completed in three recording sessions before the movie's production was scheduled.

“We knew we had the missing element to enhance the script and bring the characters and story to life,” co-producer Scott David offered.

Adam & Eve Pictures’ head of production Rachel V. agreed, “We trust Will’s vision and will greenlight all of his musical decisions in the future because Love, Sex & Music is very entertaining and the music is key.”

The story is based on Ryder’s own experiences in the music business two decades earlier.

When aspiring Black singer/songwriter Dixie (September Reign) moves to Nashville, she discovers that Music Row is not the welcoming home she expected, but rather a den of lies, deceit, court cases and corporate greed. Finding herself in the middle of a Nashville scandal after writing the hottest song of the year, Dixie is at odds with singing superstar Missy Free (Vanna Bardot), who wants to record Dixie's song. The music label executives want to steal the song as Dixie is driven to the breaking point. 

The SFW trailer can be viewed on YouTube.

Starring alongside Reign and Bardot are Whitney Wright, Nina Elle, Misty Stone, Madison Summers, Samantha Lexi, Zerella Skies, Cecilia Taylor and April Love. Male talents are Jay Romero, Dorian Del Isla, Joshua Lewis, Rusty Nails, James Bartholet and Frank Bukkwyd as the grizzled country music veteran.

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