Cosmopolitan: Don't Do the Skin Diamond

BIZARRO WORLD, U.S.A.—In its never-ending mission to fill women's heads with nonsense, Cosmopolitan magazine cautions them in its current issue not to emulate the follicular stylings of 2012 AVN Best New Starlet contender Skin Diamond, suggesting instead that they shoot for those of the famous-for-being-famous Nicole Richie.

Funny pointer, given the droves of gals who've adopted Diamond's signature shaved-on-one-side look (including, to much positive response, 2010 AVN Best New Starlet Kagney Linn Karter). And what's more, it would seem from the snarky comment accompanying Diamond's photo that the magazine was more interested in trying to be "edgy" (by commenting on an adult star's fashion choices) than doling out any real beauty advice: "Leave it to a porn star to try a landing strip on her head."

Ouch. In the words of Jon Lovitz, "Jeaaaalous?"

But there's a bigger issue at hand here than an insult to the modishness of our lovely Ms. Diamond; namely, since when does Cosmo look to porn stars as style harbingers of any sort, good or bad? Is there an assumption at play that its readers know who Skin Diamond is? Let alone well enough to be thinking of copping her 'do? Moreover, is this some sort of subtle indicator of the extent to which porn has permeated not only the mainstream consciousness in general, but specifically that of the female populace?

Whatever the answers to these questions may be, Diamond herself is anything but peeved about the unexpected exposure. "I always knew if I was ever in one of those types of magazines, it would be as a 'don't,'" she told AVN with a laugh. "I don't care, there's no such thing as bad publicity."

Photo courtesy of Skin Diamond's Mobypicture account.