Corey Jordan Returns to Adult

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Veteran director Corey Jordan has returned to shooting scenes full time, capturing content for three different websites.

With 100-plus movies and over 1,500 scenes on his resume, Jordan last shot sex scenes full time in ‘06. Since then he has devoted the majority of his energy to personal training, working with professional mixed-martial-artists and kick-boxers, which is his background.

“I took a little hiatus and shot here and there, but now I’m back into the swing of things and doing this full time. Everything I’m shooting right now is web-based,” said the Los Angeles native. “I’ve been doing camerawork and directing for over a decade, so it’s second nature to me. Plus I like being on set shooting. I’m just having fun doing it again.”

Jordan is directing for the recently launched, and He said includes all his previous content from his production company No Boundaries.

“There is a lot of that content up there and a lot of new content too,” he said. “The owner is a girl who was the former head of HR in the mainstream and she got into being a pornographer. I’ve been helping her out teaching her the business end of it. It’s kind of nice to have someone outside of the adult industry working on this with me. She had her own insight on how she wanted to do it.”

Jordan earlier this decade directed numerous series for Sin City, Video Team and Elegant Angel, including 16 volumes of the award-winning Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio between 2001-01.

To contact him, email [email protected].