Conservative College Journalism Organization Critical of Sex Week At Yale And Devinn Lane

The Collegiate Network, a conservative college organization focused on promoting conservative views on college campuses via journalism programs, awarded Sex Week At Yale a “Polly Award”. The award was given by the organization for holding the event on campus, using Yale funds to partially support the event and having Wicked Pictures contract performer Devinn Lane as a speaker at the event.

“Pornography is not something that should be used as a tool of scholarship,” Sarah Longwell, senior program officer and spokeswoman for The Collegiate Network told “Using pornography to educate students on sex and desire is pretty outrageous….we are not against homosexuality or pornography but using pornography to assist in providing a liberal arts education is not what public money should be used for….Bringing porn star Devinn Lane in as a speaker really stood out for us.”

On The Collegiate Network’s website, Wicked Pictures co-sponsorship of the event and “bisexual porn star” Devinn Lane, mini vibrators being given out to students and the fact that charitable funds from the event were given to Yale Children’s Hospital and Planned Parenthood are highlighted as reasons for why Sex Week at Yale tied for first place for a Polly Award with University of California, Santa Barbara, who allowed a student to study multicultural gay porn for his Chicano Studies thesis. The events at Sex Week at Yale that occurred are referred to as “varied but consistently vulgar”, on the Collegiate Network’s website as well.

“I think it’s extremely unfortunate that a section of today’s society considers any type of sexual education vulgar. The bottom line is that there is such a thing as supply and demand and if there were not a demand for what we provide, we would not provide it,” Lane said of her Polly win. “As pornographers, we have never said we were here to sexually educate people. We are here to educate people on our industry, to tell them it’s not what they think it is and that’s what we do.”

On the subject of academic funds being used for Sex Week At Yale, Lane said, “It doesn’t matter that it was public money that was used. It’s the public that demands our product and not too many people with Yale had a real issue with it and if they did, they voiced their opinions appropriately….Public money means that the public decides how the money gets used and the public chose to use their money this way because that’s what society wants today….The Collegiate Network’s agenda is obviously not in touch with what people want.”

“I hope there’s a trophy for this Polly Award thing,” Lane added. “I will hang it on my wall with pride.”