Company Profile: Third World Media

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - With nearly 300 titles in its library and a wide international reach, Third World Media has evolved from a small time specialty studio to a first-rate producer/distributor of authentic Japanese, Latin, interracial and she-male product. Originally founded in 1999 as Asian Eyes Pictures by company CEO Steve F., the studio changed its name to Third World Media as it began to grow globally in 2000.

"We are a bit of a hidden treasure," explained Steve. "Word of mouth within communities who appreciate our kind of content is what built this company. It was always my goal to focus Third World Media on areas that others did not solely focus on. I never desired being a major studio; simply a strong authentic niche company that covers lots of different niches."

Steve’s first foray into niche porn began over 10 years ago with the launch of his first authentic ethnic production company, Samurai Video.

"Being fluent in Japanese, living in Japan and traveling throughout Asia gave me a unique and very interesting perspective to bring real hardcore Japanese porn to international audiences," recalled Steve. "At that time, the only Japanese porn reaching the U.S. and abroad was edited for the Japanese market — mosaics covering all cock and pink, fake fucking or pirated B-rate movies sent overseas. We changed that all around with reality-based XXX hardcore titles from Japan with English subtitles and story lines more suited for an international audience."

With the launch of Third World Media, Steve’s business model remained unchanged. Involved with all aspects of production, he frequently travels to Asia and Latin America to find exotic and authentic performers for his titles.

"We have crews based in all countries that assist us with our work," Steve noted. "Nine out of 10 times, the girls you see in our movies are only in our movies. Guys who want to see my girls have to go back and buy our earlier volumes. We scour the earth to find talent that is not only authentic, but real, too. A lot of people shoot Latin and Asian girls here in the U.S. It never has and never will be something Third World Media will engage in."

Third World Media currently releases four titles a month, including Tokyo Cream Puffs (Japanese internal pops), Cum Inside My Kimono (Japanese MILFs), Pretty Little Latinas, She-Male Samba Mania and its flagship, Pretty Little Asians (now on its 50th volume). The company has also begun to distribute Black Ops Media titles such as Double Stuffed Asian Transsexuals and Gender Blender.

"In the past, many retailers and distributors were afraid of a company like us. They thought, Too authentic, no English language, no one buys Asian or Latin," said Steve. "However, the retailers who have put our product in their stores are selling it, renting it and doing very well. We don’t get returns like many other companies do, and our sales numbers are increasing monthly. We found a good formula."

Steve credits that winning formula for establishing Third World Media’s formidable presence in both the U.S. and international markets.

"Our Asian lines are probably consumed by about 50 percent or more Asian people, both here and abroad. Asians tend to prefer to watch Asians as a whole, but there are many non Asians and fans of Japan who also enjoy our authentic offerings," Steve explained. "Our Latin lines seem to do well with not only Latin customers but anyone who enjoys hot blooded Latin babes. The she-male lines, both Asian and Latin, are our best selling on DVD. It appears to be straight men who buy this product for its ‘curiosity’ factor."

With production currently underway in Europe and his unwavering commitment to authentically themed titles intact, Steve is optimistic about Third World Media’s future.

"I expect that Third World Media will be even a better known name one year from today, as more and more retailers, distributors and Websites take notice," he said. "We have a library of close to 300 titles, which gives us lots of flexibility to adapt to changing trends in the business; whether it be TV, VOD, PPV or any new disc formats that may come about.”