Commentary: Sasha Grey Goes on 'The Tyra Banks Show'

Well, on-fire starlet Sasha Grey's appearance on "The Tyra Banks Show" aired Thursday morning, and as Sasha herself augured in a recent MySpace blog, "the art of montage" was employed most strategically.

Indeed, the most cutting moment — the one that turned the tables on Tyra and crew, making their attempts to portray Sasha as a lost, victimized little girl pretty much swirl down the drain — was excised.

What I'm referring to, of course, is Sasha's triumphant speech about how she was being "exploited" by appearing on Banks' show as much as she is any time she shoots a porn scene. In the former case, it's exploitation for ratings, and hence advertising dollars. In the latter, it's exploitation for the spending cash and, by extension, sexual pleasure of porn consumers.

Only neither is really exploitation at all. Because Sasha decided to do both of her own free will, fully cognizant of the stakes and the benefit others would subsequently reap.

But then again, in light of the show's editorial actions, maybe it actually is exploitation on their part. After all, by manipulating Sasha's presentment to hammer home the aforementioned "lost, victimized" caricature and completely squash her very well-articulated defense of her career choice, aren't they in fact twisting her depiction against her will to amp up its dramatic value and thus better serve them? (Not to mention allow Tyra Banks to save face?)

I guess they weren't counting on an AVN writer witnessing and reporting their practices for all the world to consider.