Combat Zone's Nazarian Does MTV 'True Life' Follow-up

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Rebekah Nazarian, executive assistant to Combat Zone president Dion Giarrusso, will be featured in a follow-up episode of MTV's "True Life."

On her initial appearance on the show that documents "young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit," Nazarian, 22, lamented meeting "normal guys" in her job, but provided excellent promotion for Combat Zone.

The episode of "True Life" on which Nazarian initially appeared focused on the sex industry, and, according to her, was immensely popular with audiences. Nazarian said, "MTV flew us to New York because we had one of the top-rated episodes, and we did a little five-minute follow-up."

On the follow-up, which will air this Saturday, Nazarian said, "There's going to be a marathon of all the episodes. After they run the episode I was on originally, they talk to me about my life after that show. And I'll also be on doing a live blog after the episode airs."

The live blog is especially an honor for Nazarian who explained, "Out of all the participants of 'True Life,' I got chosen to do a live blog. It's kind of a big deal because out of all the episodes, I was requested the most."

"True Life" producers discovered the 22-year-old Nazarian in 2007 when she was surfing the Internet researching ways to promote Combat Zone and wrote an email to the show about her unique job.

"The casting people talked to me for two months and decided I'd be OK for the story. I started talking to them in late September, and they started following me in November," Nazarian said. "They would follow me once to three times a week."

Nazarian, who started working in adult when she was 19, has been at Combat Zone for a year and two months.

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