Combat Zone Opens Monday

Dion Giarrusso will open the doors to Combat Zone, his new gonzo company, on Monday in Chatsworth and is now securing agreements with directors and production personnel.

Combat Zone (818.709.0001) will be located at 9644 Lurline Avenue.

“I want to have good quality movies,” said Giarrusso, who founded Red Light District in 2001 and has previously been general manager at Elegant Angel. “I’ve had a lot of people calling me because of all the personal relationships I’ve had in the business, and we’ll make deals with some of them. There are a couple guys who are real capable, and have their technical stuff down.

“I want good lighting, camerawork, locations, and I want the girls to be dressed well. I’m going to tell all these guys this is all the stuff I want in my movies.”

Giarrusso said that he already has made verbal agreements with Spanish director/performer Toni Ribas and director/performer Mark Wood for one title a month.

Wood told he would still continue to own his Nxt Level product that is distributed by Juicy Entertainment, but that he wanted to pick up another directing gig. This came along at an opportune time, he said.

“I want to keep as many irons in the fire as possible," Wood said. "I’ve known Dion for a while since he started Red Light. I saw him in Vegas and we talked for a while. This is more of a straight directing gig for now.”

Giarrusso told his long-time friend Robbie Fischer has agreed to be a videographer for Combat Zone. In addition, Giarrusso said he has had talks with Zak Wylde, Rick Davis and Van Damage about collaborating.

“I don’t want any egos in my company,” Giarrusso continued, adding that he has also had preliminary discussions with director Kat Slater and Shane, who wants to come back to direct.

“[Shane and I] are going to talk when she gets into town,” he said. “And I was impressed with how bright Kat Slater is and with her unique style of getting involved with the scene.”

Giarrusso is finalizing his box cover design that will feature girls outlined in a dog tag silhouette. Combat Zone will utilize O-card packaging and dark blue foil.

“It’s going to be interesting. I have to be different,” Giarrusso said. “If the company does well, I'm not going to keep all the money for myself. I’m not going to give up ownership but I think people should be rewarded if they do good stuff for you.”