Combat Zone Announces First DVD Box Set

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Dion Giarrusso's gonzo label Combat Zone will release the first four volumes of its popular Girl Next Door series as its first DVD box set. The package arrives in stores Sept. 4.

"We chose The Girl Next Door as our first DVD box because The Girl Next Door #1 with Amy Ried is one of our biggest sellers," company rep Marcelle told AVN. "I think we sold over 14,000 copies of that one title."

Combat Zone will follow the Girl Next Door set with a four-pack of its MILF titles, including Who's Your Mommy 1 & 2 and Mommy Dear Ass 1 & 2. The MILF box arrives Oct. 1.

The Combat Zone box sets are packaged in a matte-finish, booklet style DVD case similar to the upscale packaging seen on Wicked Pictures' releases.The company is testing out the box sets with the first two releases, and hopes to follow sporadically with approximately four per year.

"The big news about these releases is that Dion’ is going to sell the 4-disc box set for the price of a single disc new release," Marcelle explained. "Other companies will charge an extra $5 or $10 for a four-pack, but these titles will offer four movies for the price of one."

Combat Zone is online at .

For sales, call (818) 709-0001 or e-mail [email protected].