Columbia Pictures Goes After Sites Showing Young 'Pippi' Erin

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.Putting a photo of a 14-year-old on a porn site is never a good idea, period. It doesn't matter if the image is of a clothed teen, either; porn and 14 are a match made in cell block heaven.

But there are other reasons not to make such a decision. Columbia Pictures is reportedly going after porn sites that included images of a young Tami Erin taken from the studio's 1988 film, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, to help promote the now 39-year-old's sex tape, which was acquired last month by Zero Tolerance.

According to an October story on, "The tape features Erin ... getting it on with her now ex-boyfriend. It's full of steamy scenes showing the former Pippi star dressed in sexy lingerie, hot-tubbing, and engaging in all kinds of explicit sex, including a naughty anal sex scene." The story also notes that Zero Tolerance had reported selling out the first run of pre-orders for Tami Erin The Sex Tape.

TMZ also reported today, "FYI, you won't believe how popular the Pippi porno websites are — we're told they both average over 200k views per day. Curiously, the biggest chunk of traffic comes from Sweden."

One site selling the tape is here. We don't know if it had other images posted to it earlier, but now it features a trailer of the sex tape along with a pair of girls legs with knee-high multi-colored stockings.

Image: Tami Erin today