COLT Joins iPod Video Stampede

COLT Studio Group is now offering full-length trailers of COLT, Buckshot, and MinuteMan Solo movies in the iPod Video format, Kristofer Weston, marketing and events coordinator for COLT, announced on Tuesday.

Weston also gave instructions for downloading CSG trailers: "Go to > New Movies > scroll down and click iPod Video." There is no charge for the trailers.

The initial response Tuesday night was so stupendous, Weston told GAYVN, "that the system crashed!" Everything is back in order now.

To download the trailers, Weston said, "you must have the newest version of either the Mac or PC iPod software on your computer, but this is easy to do. Just go to to find the newest version for free."

Weston said that COLT Studio Group has also developed, and will launch on December 1, COLT Mobile. The all-new content for mobile phones of COLT Men superstars will be available at