ColorClimax, established in 1967 as one of the earliest porn publishers, has taken its content catalogue online.

Due to Denmark’s relatively liberal laws, the catalogue includes a large amount of hardcore material.

Operating with the sub-brands Blue Climax, School Girls, Anal Sex, Lesbian Love, and Sex Bizarre (water sports), the company offers a combination of high-resolution professional photography and spicy written narrative.

ColorClimax operates an affiliate program offering 50 percent commissions on all sign-ups and re-bills. It also offers free-hosted galleries.

Since the vast majority of its material is pre-1997, ColorClimax and its affiliates are not subject to 2257 recordkeeping.

To date, ColorClimax has published more than 3,000 different books and magazines with a grand total of more than 140 million editions, more than 8 million films, and nearly 1 million videocassettes.