Colin Farrell: I Was Offered $5M for My Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES—Actor Colin Farrell was on a late-night Irish talk show the other day when the discussion veered into sex tape territory. It was about 100 years ago in sex tape years, but some people may remember that in 2005, the Irish actor was involved in ultimately successful litigation to keep off the market a 15-minute sex tape he'd shot in 2003 with former Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain. What is not widely known is how much Farrell was offered for the tape.

According to the actor, a cool $5 million was dangled before him. Though he did not mention the company that made the offer, Phoenix-based Internet Commerce Group (ICG) was the entity sued by Farrell at the time to keep the footage off the market. Farrell and Narain were also in litigation over the tape, but settled their differences in 2006.

"Not only did Colin say no to the cash," reported Scoopla. 'He also filed an injunction to stop people seeing it!"

Flirting with a member of the audience during this segment of the interview, Farrell managed to explain why he didn't take the cash. "It would have been in hotel rooms," he said. "Imagine my mother checking into the Holiday Inn. ‘Oohh, a film of Colin’s I haven’t seen.' Or if she said, ‘He reminds me of his dad!'"

That imaginary scenario put a quick end to the sex tape talk.

Of more importance, the 37-year-old Irishman also said he's turned his life around after a youth spent abusing alcohol and drugs, and said he finally took sobriety seriously after a gig in 2006 on the TV show Miami Vice that he couldn’t remember making following the shoot.

Photo: Colin Farrell at the premiere of Ondine at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, by David Shankbone.