Cocooning, Camming, Carrying On: Industry Coping with Coronavirus

As COVID-19 continues to force businesses nationwide to adapt because of limits on gatherings of people as well as orders for non-essential businesses to close temporarily, members of the adult industry are coming to terms with new realities for at least the next few weeks.

Several models, performers and cammers are taking advantage of the down time to focus on themselves, learning new hobbies and producing solo and custom content.

“I got a bunch of stuff to work out at home since my gym and fitness center are closed,” said Dava Foxx. “Cam, solo custom videos, Netflix and lots of cooking!”

Penelope Reed is also getting on the home fitness bandwagon.

“I ordered a yoga mat since I cannot go to the gym, and will be trying to do more intense stretching/poses at home to keep myself busy!” she said. “Reading and writing too.”

Outdoor activities are on the menu for several people.

“Getting fresh air, cooking/baking, homeschooling my kids, writing lists of things I want to accomplish, making custom vids/OF posts,” said Aria Khaide.

Alexis Fawx, AVN's reigning MILF Performer of the Year, is set to spend more time outside indulging in one of her passions.

Gardening is my No. 1 go-to,” she told AVN. “It’s an activity that’s always evolving so it’s always engaging. I’m outside getting sun and fresh air, [and gardening] provides fruits and veggies so there’s a legitimate benefit.”

Photographer and author Lord Morpheus is also taking advantage of being outdoors for activity.

“Out surfing,” he said. “My beach is so empty and it's awesome.”

Cam performer Dawn Willow also is headed outside for exercise, since she “picked up golf recently.”

For many in the industry, however, there’s not been much change.

“Working,” said Rob Reimer of Channel 1 Releasing, Boneyward Toys, Rascal Toys and Chi Chi La Rue’s. “Someone needs to be at the office!”

Kathi Pepper, co-owner of Pepper’s Parties, Too in Hattiesburg, Miss., has made a few changes in their retail store, but are still welcoming shoppers.

“Pepper's Parties, Too is still open for business!” She said. “We've put away our testers and require customers to wear gloves while they shop, as do we. Curbside pickup is an option and James Pepper is working on online pickup and pay. Gotta serve our community during these ‘hard times’!”

Many companies already work remotely, so they haven’t had to make many adjustments.

“Business as usual, since Grooby is remote,” said Kristel Penn, marketing and editorial director.

“JuicyAds has always been remote, so SOP here,” added Rainey Stricklin, sales director.

For some, being a remote or work-from-home is normal, but they understand the challenges others face.

“Working. Business is obviously different but I appreciate the routine I have from already being a remote employee. Feels like normalcy to me,” said Danielle Seerley of Voodoo Vibes and Shibari Wands. “Lots of coloring. Organizing clothes for donation. Wiping house down twice a day because I’m crazy. Dabs. Top Chef marathons. I would love to bake but there is literally no supplies. Mostly scrolling through Netflix looking for things to do.”

Reba Rocket of Takedown Piracy noted it’s “same shit, different day.”

“We already work from home and order almost everything online,” she said. “Feeling sad for others, though; it’s a difficult adjustment, I’m sure.”

Finally, some people are making the best of their situations, while doing what they can to help others through these early days of change.

“Spending time with my family,” said Dee Siren. “Being super mom. Kids all off school for over a month. Still working hard making solo content for all my platforms, making videos to help others cope (posted on my YouTube), helping others get signed up to cam programs, trying not to lose focus.”

Photo courtesy Pexels