Club Satan Gives the Devil His Due

Extreme Associates' Matt Zane and Shane Bugbee are keeping the satanic juggernaut rolling as they break out a new website,, and launch an online contest featuring Paris Gables.

The contest is a "green screen" contest that will allow consumers to make their own trailers for the upcoming Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath DVD. Zane explained the concept, "It's sort of like what Stephen Colbert does on his show. Shane [Bugbee] had this great idea to a Paris Gables green screen contest where he shot Paris on a green screen, and now people going to the site can make their own trailers. So satanists and whoever can shoot their own trailers and then we'll post them. Then we'll pick a winner and fly them out to L.A. and allow them to direct a scene for Extreme Associates."

Zane also noted that the concept is unique to porn. "It's never been done before," he said. "Club Satan is blazing a new trail."

Blazing like hellfire, that is.