Club Jenna Shows Off the Full Rossi in <i>Sophia Revealed</i>

Club Jenna contract girl Sophia Rossi has officially arrived, proclaimed the starlet herself, with Sophia Revealed. Released earlier this month, the title is already generating impressive re-orders from retailers nationwide.

"This is my coming-out movie," Rossi told "It definitely [broke] me into the business. I mean, I couldn't walk for like two weeks afterwards. The next day, I thought I had to be hospitalized. I was begging my friend to take me to the hospital. Nothing was working on my body."

Sounds … fun? Well, given that the man who dished out this assault was Manuel Ferrara, quite. "I was a mess, but it was a good mess," Rossi laughed. "It was like, 'I've never been fucked that hard in my entire life … am I gonna live?!' So it was an eye-opening experience to the adult industry."

Sophia Revealed is Rossi's third adult title, preceded by Sophia Syndrome and Jenna's Provocateur, but it's the biggest showcase for her yet (she's in three of its six scenes, as opposed to two in Syndrome and one in Provocateur). Directed by Laurent Sky, it really took her "over the edge," she claimed.

"The first, opening scene is with Erik [Everhard]," Rossi related, "and he was a total animal. It's just really hard. I remember trying to, like, tap out with him, and I don't even think he noticed. He was just really, really into it. It was a hot scene. The director thought it was one of the best things he ever shot.

"And I have a scene with Tyler Faith," she continued. "It was really sensual, and we became really good friends, actually, on set. It was cool getting to explore each other, and we've partied and hung out many times since then and traveled together and everything. So it was really hot. We look great together, felt great together … it's always interesting having to fuck some girl with a huge glass dildo. It can be fun or it can be scary.

"And then my last scene, which is one of my all-time favorites to date," Rossi gushed, "is with Manuel. He's really great."

Also appearing in Sophia Revealed are Roxy DeVille, Trina Michaels, Tory Lane, Derrick Pierce, Anthony Hardwood and Tommy Gunn.

Summed up Rossi, "I had a great time doing it. It was a lot of chemistry, and just really raw and animalistic. That's kind of my style. I like to be ravaged, do as much as Playboy/Club Jenna allows. Bring it on! I love it. I feel like this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm really happy."