Club Jenna Releasing DCypher Action Thriller <i>Erotic Aftershock</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Club Jenna kicks off November with the release of what writer/director DCypher is calling the best movie he's made for the company, Erotic Aftershock.

"There was a lot of love and energy put into it both in production and in post-production," DCypher told AVN. "The girls really gave their best performances that they had. We had a really complicated idea that took a lot to execute, and I feel like everybody really pulled their weight on it, and that Club Jenna is really behind this title."

Starring Roxy Jezel, Jesse Capelli and Brea Bennett, Erotic Aftershock follows a journalist and a down-and-out cop (Evan Stone, Eric Masterson) on a mission to take down a drug lord and a corrupt police chief (Nick Manning, Steven St. Croix) who operate out of L.A.'s hottest strip club.

"We have fight sequences, we have gunshots going off, we have a lot of CGI," DCypher said. "Johnny 5, who won Best Editing last year with Justin Sterling [in the film category, for Jenna's Provocateur], spent like six months putting this movie together, and really just putting love into it with a lot of post effects. He's an extraordinary editor. We have high expectations of it.

"We have three smokin'-hot contract girls going all out — each one of them does two scenes in the movie," he continued. "All the girls fuck each other at one point. Jesse just looks spectacular ... all the girls do; I think every one of them is at their peak.

"We just really think it's going to be a superior movie," DCypher concluded. "It really has that gloss of a feature, with really hard, awesome sex. I don't think people are going to feel cheated by this; I think they're going to really feel like they got what they wanted if they buy this movie."

Erotic Aftershock streets tomorrow. To view the trailer, go to, and to order, contact Howard Levine at (866) 466-6969 ext. 107 or [email protected].