Club Jenna Releases Bill Fisher’s <i>Chatte Magnifique</i>

Director Bill Fisher spent over a year completing his high-end Club Jenna feature Chatte Magnifique. Shipping next week through Pulse Distribution, the movie showcases Club Jenna starlets Jesse Capelli and Chanel St. James in glossy, MTV- styled hardcore scenes.

"I wanted it to be visually perfect, sexually stimulating, and unbelievably erotic," Fisher told "In order to get all those things down, it's a tough path. I shot a total of nine scenes, but only six turned out in the manner I wanted so I scrapped the others."

Fisher began making the movie before signing his directorial deal with Club Jenna. "I was bringing girls to Miami from all over the place," he said. "I flew a couple of girls in from L.A., but they didn't meet the standard I had in mind. I sent them home with half the pay because their internet pictures didn't really match their actual appearance. When Club Jenna announced that I was one of their directors, it helped me get a better quality of girl. The clout behind the name Club Jenna puts a mark of seriousness on the project, so that's what helped me towards the end."

Under the name Cezar Capone, Fisher also makes amateur porn for Club Jenna through his company Filthy Films. While his amateur work has generated strong sales and critical praise for its raw, real qualities, Fisher pursues the opposite extreme in his feature work, which includes the Brea Bennett vehicle Brea's Prowl. The director cites Andrew Blake, Michael Ninn and Philip Mond as influences on his visual style.

"I combined my photography skills with the visual stimulation I'm getting from all these great artists, and came up with my own approach," Fisher said. "Everything that I see and experience becomes a part of me – I take the best of everything that I can find. My videos still have to have that stroke factor; people mainly buy this sit to in front of the TV and enjoy themselves. That's the key factor I tried to keep in mind through the whole movie."

"I wanted the title to be erotic but not vulgar," Fisher continued. "Beauty is not a vulgar thing; there's a sense of vulgarity, but it's difficult to describe. I researched words that were as vulgar as possible in different languages, and I came up with Chatte Magnifique, which means 'magnificent cunt' in French."

Fisher worked with composer R. Ceez on the movie's original soundtrack. He hopes to release the music on a separate soundtrack CD for fans.

"We did the music here locally, and I feel it's above the quality of most adult soundtracks," Fisher said. "I burned it to CD and I drive around with it in my car; we're going to start giving away copies because so many people have requested it after hearing the music."

Fisher said that he welcomes feedback from viewers. "They're the ones who matter," he said. "I'm always interested in hearing about how we can make our movies better."

To contact Bill Fisher, e-mail [email protected] For Chatte Magnifique sales, call Howard Levine at Pulse Distribution at (866) 466-6969, ext. 107.