Club Jenna Inks Aussie Distro Deal with CalVista

CHATSWORTH, Calif./SYDNEY - A nearly one-year negotiation process brokered by Antigua Pictures' Todd Blatt has finally brought to fruition a deal for Club Jenna's titles to be sold in Australia and New Zealand through the continent's leading distributor, CalVista.

"It's nice to be able to put together the largest distributor in Australia with one of the most successful video companies in North America, and create a synergy that I think works well for both," Blatt told AVN. "This has been a deal that's been long in the working. Now that Playboy owns Club Jenna, it's a little bit harder to get things done, but with a year of diligence and hard work, we were able to make this deal happen."

The rev-share partnership is for a term of three years, with a royalty per DVD sold.

Said Club Jenna CEO Jay Grdina, "We are super excited about our new partnership with CalVista. We have a very strong consumer base in Australia, and CalVista has an amazing distribution network established there. We are looking forward to working closely with CalVista and getting the Club Jenna product out there. Watch out Australia!"

Blatt added that he also set up a deal two and half years ago between Vivid Entertainment Group and CalVista, and that he's now working on bringing Teravision in, as well.

"The whole Vivid network will be distributed by CalVista within the next six months," he said.