Clips4Sale Starts July Off with Its Big Bang Sales Incentive

TAMPA, Fla.—Tomorrow's the Fourth of July, but Clips4Sale is already making some noise. The clip platform has kicked off its July Big Bang Sales Incentive, which gives 75 percent commission to participating producers.

“Summer is here, and people want to go on nice vacations or maybe even buy a new car—we’d like to help with that by putting a little or maybe a lot of extra cash in their pockets,” says Clips4Sale owner Neil. “The whole idea of the July Big Bang Sales Incentive is for producers to have fun promoting themselves and friendly competition, along with interacting with fans. We hope our producers will take advantage of this sales incentive and run with it!”

The July Big Bang Sales Incentive runs through July 31. Producers may log on to their Store Admin for details. The gist of the promotion is that store owners will use their Forever CID Code (which they already have or can generate), add it to any links they use—such as their store’s URL and individual clip URLs—and promote it on social media, blogs, websites, forums, message boards ... anywhere they advertise and can send traffic to their stores. To obtain the 75 percent commission payout, they must use their Forever CID Code and drive outside traffic/sales to their store. The 75 percent commission payout is only applicable to clip sales.

Those who are not producers or models on Clips4Sale can sign up to participate in this established, traffic-rich downloadable video clips site. To open a store, visit