Clip Producer Primal Shares Secrets of His Success

CYBERSPACE—Every day on, thousands of clips are added by producers and sellers, all vying for attention from the millions of visitors who come to the site every month. What does it take to make it to the No. 1 spot on the Top Studios list?

AVN sought answers from Primal, the man behind the current top studio, Primal’s Fantasies, as well as two other stores in the Top 20, Primal’s Taboo Sex and Primal’s Darkside Superheroine. Both director and performer, Primal talks about how he got started, what types of scenes he likes best, and how he promotes and protects his content.

AVN: When and how did you get started in adult content production?

Primal: My wife shot girl/girl for Reality Kings’ MILF Next Door series and she got into fetish modeling. After a while I thought, "I can do this."

How long have you been on

We launched our first store in 2010. It made no money and we stopped until mid-2012. Since then, we've become one of their top stores.

Which of your stores has been around the longest?

“Our Hidden Cam Happy Ending” store was originally a “catch all” with everything that we tried producing. When we restarted in 2012 we deleted everything but the content that is there now.

What type of clips did you produce first?

A little bit of everything. Tickling, Balloons, Hand Jobs and girls riding the Sybian. We dropped everything except tickling and hand jobs.

What type of content do you find most compelling?

I have been in around 700 HJ clips as talent. And honestly, while I am still a HUGE fan of handjobs, I don't mind hiring talent now. I would say our "Mind-Control Fantasies" and "Superheroine " videos are the most inspiring for me. 

Your Primal’s Fantasies store is listed as the third “top studio” on Clips4Sale, and you have two others in the top 30 sites listed. What one piece of advice would you have for a new producer?

If I had only one piece of advice I would say BE CREATIVE. You will want to learn things from other producers, but if you don't have your own style and ideas you will just be chasing the same dollar as everyone else who produces the same content.

Which performers do you shoot with the most? Do you like to work with new girls or more established performers?

We definitely look for performers who are strong on acting/dialogue and either really enjoy our content or simply have an unusually positive attitude. Our shoots are long and our content isn't the easiest to film.

Do you perform yourself? How often, and in what kinds of clips?

I do perform, although I have been phasing myself out to focus more on directing. My favorite to perform in, even if I just play an extra, is my Superheroine content, followed by the Mind-Control. I also have a tantric massage site that is completely unscripted, which is a nice break on occasion.

You make a lot of content showing the subjugation of female superheroes. How has the Wonder Woman craze affected sales in your stores dedicated to cosplay and superheroes?

I think it is laying the groundwork for the next generation of fans with a superheroine fetish. 

You have a store for clips about taboo relations. How long have you had that store, and have you seen sales increase sharply in the last several years?

We started that content in the middle of 2014. Our sales have remained about the same since mid 2015. As the market for that type of content has grown, so has the number of producers. 

Are there other genres aside from taboo relations that have seen a big increase in producers?

FemDom and BratDom seem to be taking over the top 50 of Clips4Sale.

How long have you been making custom clips? Do you see a growing number of requests? What do you think is driving the popularity of customs?

Since the beginning we would take an occasional custom commission. About four months ago, I opened a clip store specifically for customs. I still turn down ones that are too dark or just too unusual to market.

Most producers have problems with piracy. Do you as well? What measures do you take to fight it?

We do have some issues with piracy, but I have a part-time person who aggressively looks for our content and issues DMCA take-down notices, with follow-up for those sites that don't comply. I know our content seems harder to find for free than some of the other producers making the same content as us.

Is there a type of story or a fetish that you wish were MORE popular, so you could produce more clips?

I joke around that nap videos would be great when it's been a long week. I would film all the positions: big spoon, little spoon, butt to butt. Hardcore nap scenes would be great.

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