Fresh Faces: Clea Gaultier & Anthony Gaultier

LOS ANGELES—When Clea Gaultier met her boyfriend Anthony, sparks flew.

Both were part of the hired entertainment at a nightclub in their hometown of Lyon, France, where Clea was go-go dancing and Anthony was performing a fire-breathing act.

“I used to offer a fire show for the event—for nightclubs,” Anthony Gaultier recalls. “It was a second source of money for me during the weekends.”

“For me, it’s amazing,” Clea says. “I love this kind of show.”

The two started dating and about a year later—in June 2016—they debuted in porn together for Marc Dorcel, the most esteemed adult studio in France. Their first sex scene appears in director Herve Bodilis’ Luxure: I Offer My Wife to Others.

“I was nervous not about to be naked or fuck, because it’s OK, but I was nervous to be professional and the crew enjoy my work,” Clea tells AVN. “So I was shy because during the scene it’s good to have good sounds, like ‘Ah, ah!’… And my first scene was without sounds because I didn’t know—it was new for me.”

Clea may have been on the quiet side on Day 1, but she made more than enough noise to leave an impression.

The former ballerina and lingerie model since has become a regular in the studio’s talent rotation, performing in nine different movies for Dorcel to date. At press time she was also cast in the company’s blockbuster movie this year that is shooting this Spring at a secret location in Europe.

“I work a lot for them because there is three director,” Clea says. “So everybody is in Paris and one in London, Liselle Bailey, a blonde girl. She’s very pretty, and one in Budapest. I like this kind of production. It’s very classy.”

With about 60 credits and counting so far, the curvaceous brunette has become a go-to performer for just about every major studio in Europe, including Private, Reality Kings, SexArt, Jacquie et Michel, Brazzers, Viv Thomas, DDF, Harmony, Killergram, Legal Porno, PornDoe, Colmax and Woodman, among others.

“When I begin the porn I say, ‘Oh my god, what is it?’ Because I was shy,’” Clea continues. “And now I discover all the porn—with girl, with deep-throat, anal, DP, with several people. I was a little bit shocked and now I feel very comfortable and I like it, and I would like to do beautiful career and to be more famous and work with the best actress.”


Anthony Gaultier is building his own profile with more than 25 credits so far, working for Private, Rocco Siffredi, Legal Porno and PornDoe Premium, among others. He recalls that first scene with Clea was intense, but in a good way.

“It was really tough because we start with Dorcel, which is the most famous company in France and one of the best in Europe and we start with this director who is very famous,” Anthony tells AVN. “And the crew was really big and people say, ‘Oh, aren’t you impressed?’ There’s a lot of people. Two engineers for the sound, three cameras, one photographer. An assistant for the director—many, many people. So I was a little bit nervous but I’m very lucky because I always… I’m kind of weird, I always have hard wood. So for that part it was quite easy but all the other part—like the posture and the light and everything—I was a rookie, so I didn’t know. They explain to me. And everything went pretty well.”

Both Clea and Anthony, who now reside in Barcelona, are wrapping up their first trip to Porn Valley in Los Angeles for work; they also attended the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN Awards in January in Las Vegas.

“I love Las Vegas,” Clea says. “It’s amazing and for me it was my first time, so I was very impressed because I see all the very famous actress and it was very good.”

Anthony agrees, saying, “It’s very different from Europe because America is always very big and wow, in Europe there is nothing like this.”

Clea and Anthony moved from Lyon to Barcelona around the time they made their porn debut because of the weather and “welcoming” nature of Spanish people.

“I prefer the Spanish people more than French people,” Clea jokes.

“They’re more warm and they like to party,” Anthony says. “There’s a lot of shooting in Barcelona. A lot of people come to Barcelona for the weather, the big house, the seaside and everything to shoot. So it was a good opportunity for the business as well.”

Anthony, whose parents are French and Spanish, says the move was easy because he speaks fluent Spanish; Clea speaks some as well. They make frequent trips to Budapest, Prague and London to perform.

“I think it’s more comfortable here in LA because all the shooting is in LA but for us a lot of time in the plane flying to London to work,” Anthony says. “One week in London, two weeks in Prague. One week in Budapest. One week home in Barcelona. Moving a lot. Quite tiring to be European talent.”

ATMLA represents both performers for bookings in LA; Axel Aces and Amirah Adara referred the couple to the agency owned by Mark Schechter.

“They told me ATMLA was very good so I would like to try,” Clea says. “It’s very good, I’m not disappointed.”

“This agency accept us as a couple,” Anthony adds. “We do work separate, but some agency don’t want to have any couple. Our business is totally separate. She can do whatever she wants and I can do whatever I want. But some agency don’t want a couple. In my opinion it’s more private life because I don’t bother her in working, whatever she want and I do whatever I want. … We are happy to work with ATM; they got a good reputation. She is very busy. She works almost every day.”

Anthony continues, “For me as a male performer it’s harder for me to get jobs because the director don’t know me yet. I just have my reputation in Europe. If they hire me a couple times then people will say I’m pretty good and hire me again. It takes time for a guy.”

Schechter tells AVN the Gaultier’s will be returning to Europe next week but have enjoyed a productive trip.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure representing both of them,” Schechter says. “I typically don’t take on foreign males, it’s just too difficult to get them going in the short time period that we have with them. I made an exception in this case due to the fact that Clea was very bookable, and she did quite well here. Anthony, too, is a very good performer. It was just difficult for me to get clients to take a chance on an unknown male performer. I look forward to their return again next year, and I think Anthony will do much better.”

One reason Clea transitioned so smoothly into porn was she had been a model for five years who had no issues with doing naughty photos.

“I’ve done naked picture, everything porn with sex toys,” she explains. “And [Anthony] has an idea, ‘Oh maybe you can work for Marc Dorcel because you’re classy, but you’re kinky.’

“So I try to send picture to Marc Dorcel. They say, ‘Yeah, OK.’ … and Marc Dorcel call me a few days after and say, ‘Oh, I want to meet you. You are beautiful. Good look.’

Anthony says at first their plan was to only do scenes with each other.

“But it happened very fast and producers told us we are going to be more busy if we shoot separate,” he explains. “We wasn’t swingers before. So I say you don’t have to be jealous, just work. You should let her shoot with all the performers and if you want to and you’re able to, you could be a performer, too, and work with other girl. So we try with me shooting as well and that’s how we get started.

“It was tough in the beginning because we never swing. Nothing. So it was tough at the beginning but we got this communication and separate the thing. There is private life and all the intimacy, and there is porn.”

Clea says being naked on camera was a natural.

“I love to show my body. … Because when I was in my ballet school I used to be naked in front of my friends or the other ballerina. For me to be naked it’s not a problem, I like it,” says the 27-year-old star, who lived in Brussels, Belgium, for two years and made occasional TV appearances in lingerie.

Anthony worked as a personal trainer for two years in London and also owned a clothing shop in France in addition to his fire act.

He says hasn’t done any fire-breathing shows in a while, but he’s willing and able if a director calls for it.

“Maybe if they ask for the movie—for a comedy or whatever. It’s like riding a bicycle, just technique,” Anthony, who recently turned 30, says.

Clea, meanwhile, made her debut on Tushy on March 22 and will be featured in several more US DVD releases in the coming weeks. She says working for Harmony is always fun because they showcase her ballet.

“The director is a woman so when she does a movie she asks me all the time, ‘Take your ballet shoes, please,’” Clea says. “So all the time I am a ballerina in the movie. But one time she ask me to do an aerial hoop. And I have never done that before, it was like a challenge. I see some movie on Youtube. I take a picture and I do for the first time for the movie and I was very proud because I am good.”

Anthony says his best work is for Private Gold’s adventure movies.

“I love to shoot for Private because very often they mix outdoor activities,” he says. “I love the movie Mountain Crush, which was doing rafting and mountain bike, and last time we’ve been doing Mountain Crush 2 with snowboarding, skiing, snowmobile. It was really nice. It was very different.

“I love sports. I love outdoors. It’s very nice to do classy things and shoot in amazing houses. For me to mix fun sports and sex that would be my favorite. And Private hire me a lot so I like them.”

In two months, Anthony says he already loves LA.

“I love America. I definitely want to come back here,” he says.


Photos of Clea by Jeff Koga; Anthony by Rick Garcia