Cinema Erotika's 'Fixated' Released Through Pure Play

VAN NUYS, Calif.—The sophomore title from new European studio Cinema Erotika, Fixated, is now available through distributor Pure Play Media.

Directed by Disanto, Fixated is the story of four streetwalkers—Brooklyn Blue, Lucia Love, Lissa Love and Danielle Coleand—and a woman who is fixated on their lifestyle, played by Yuffie Yulan.
Fixated follows Disanto's Destino, which chronicled five groupies and their mission to help their favorite band. Fixated is darker in nature but with the same stylized feel. Yulan's character wishes to know everything she can about streetwalking, so she begins to have the four working girls watched.
Pure Play sales rep Michael said, “Cinema Erotika’s sophomore title is dark and moody and sexy. Disanto pays very close attention to detail with the sets, wardrobe, music and lighting. Just as with their first release, Destino, Fixated is artsy and very sexy. The sex is hardcore and gives the fans great fantasy material. We are very happy with the relationship with Cinema Erotika and love the direction that they are going.”

For further details and ordering information, contact Michael at [email protected] or 954-903-3347.