CineKink Film Festival Hits Austin for a One-Night Stand

AUSTIN, TX—An evening of films that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality will screen on Thursday, November 17, when CineKink rolls into Austin for a hot, one-night stand at the Spider House Ballroom, 2906 Fruth Street.

Screening at 8 p.m., Best of CineKink 2011 is a showcase of sexy, award-winning shorts deemed the best during CineKink’s annual festival run. Admission is $10 at the door, and $7 in advance.

In this year’s assortment: Love Hotel (Erika Lust, 2010, Spain, 4 minutes) follows the fantasy scenarios that ensue when a couple checks in. Butterfly Caught (Joshua Bewig, 2010, USA, 7 minutes), follows a shy and studious girl transported to another world by a book on bondage. In Turning Japanese (Paul Bickel, 2009, USA, 20 minutes) a couple stumbles upon an unusual way to turn around their dwindling finances. Love, Hugs and Kisses, Sissy Stephanie (Mrs. G, 2010, USA, 12 minutes) is a profile of New York scene icon, Sissy Stephanie. In Piss (Vincent Peone & Bette Bentley, 2010, USA, 7 minutes), a feminist scholar struggles to fulfill his girlfriend's rather unorthodox desire. And in Cactus (Anna Treiman, 2009, Denmark, 30 minutes), a woman hires a gigolo to fulfill her secret sexual fantasy of being raped.

The local sponsor for CineKink: Austin is F*Bomb/Smut City. The national tour sponsors for CineKink/2011 include, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, njoy and Tied Up Events

For more information, advance tickets and the full program, visit here.

Photo: Still from Love Hotel