Cindy Gallop Gets Grief for “Pay Off Tuition with Sex Tape” Spiel

COLUMBIA, Missouri—Fiftysomething sex entrepreneur Cindy Gallop is getting some pushback from her talk near the University of Missouri Wednesday evening, even though she didn’t do anything terribly unorthodox (for her, anyway), just the usual pitch she’s given oodles of times before, to join her Make Love Not Porn business … er, movement.

But her spiel to the students in attendance—of whom, according to The College Fix, about 50-75 percent “appeared to be college-aged”—that they should consider making sex tapes for her site as a way to pay off their college tuition (while changing the world), struck a discordant chord with the aforementioned “Right-minded” student publication, and now with the Daily Caller, which, let’s face it, loves stories like this, even if they’re not quite sure why.

Another slight perceived by the irked conservatives was the fact that the university actually promoted Gallop’s talk. “Campus officials did not respond to requests Thursday and Friday by The College Fix to speak on what educational value the talk offered students, why they felt it was an appropriate event to include on the campus calendar, or whether they back the notion of students posting sex videos online to pay down college loans,” the student rag reported.

The Daily Caller chalked up the fact that the college promoted the event to Gallop’s wiles, feminine or otherwise. “Essentially, then, Gallop offered undergrads a chance to participate in what amounts to a pornography consignment website in order to pay off student-loan debt. And she convinced the school responsible for that debt to advertise her pitch,” wrote Eric Owens for the site.

“Somewhere,” he continued, “Hugh Hefner is slapping his head in awe and admiration.”

Maybe so. The ability to snooker people into making commercial porn by bashing commercial porn may not have been invented by Cindy Gallop, but she has certainly given it a rather innovative spin.

Image: Cindy Gallop speaking in public, courtesy of Eva Blue.