Christy Mack, Pornhub Team Up to Fight Domestic Violence

MONTREAL—As just about all adult entertainment fans know by now, actress Christy Mack was brutally beaten by her then-boyfriend, Jonathan "War Machine" Koppenhaver back in 2014, suffering injuries from which she still has not recovered. A preliminary hearing was held last November, in which Koppenhaver's attorney attempted to have the charges against him dismissed by claiming that Mack's "career in adult films constituted consent and that her job instilled in her 'the desire, the preference, the acceptability toward a particular form of sex activities that were outside of the norm.'" That tactic failed, and Koppenhaver is scheduled to start trial on July 11, 2016.

But the notoriety of the incident caught the attention of adult tube site Pornhub, which reached out to Mack with an offer: The pair would collaborate on the production of t-shirts with Mack's and other porn stars' likenesses on them, sell through through Pornhub's site, and donate all the profits to a charity of Mack's choosing.

"We have a subset of Pornhub called Pornhub Cares, where we do different initiatives, things that give back to the community, things that are not porn related in any way, where we just want to put ourselves out there to make sure we give back to the community the way the community has given to us," explained Pornhub Aria, a Pornhub sales manager. "So we decided to launch a set of t-shirts, limited edition, with Christy's face on them, so that we can generate money, and Christy is going to choose the charity that she will donate to. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to it."

The site also contains a video of Mack speaking on the subject of domestic violence and how women can avoid being its victim.

"Ending domestic violence is a cause that is close to my heart and I’m very proud of this collaboration with Pornhub," Mack said in a statement to Cosmopolitan magazine. "I'm really looking forward to making my donation with the proceeds from the clothing line so I hope the shirts sell out quickly!"

It would appear that Mack is getting her wish. The campaign launched just three days ago, and already several of the designs, which sell for $30 each, are also sold out or close to being so.