Christy Mack BJ-For-Lego Offer Gets Shut Down

CYBERSPACE—Christy Mack is certainly one of the up-and-coming starlets in the industry today, especially having won AVN's Fan Award for Most Promising New Starlet award earlier this month. So why wouldn't this hot babe with the massive mamms offer a terrific prize for the fan (or even non-fan) who builds her the best Lego creation—apparently as a sort of porn-style homage (dare we say unwanted promo?) for the upcoming Lego Movie, which opens on February 7.

"Whoever builds me the best Lego creation to put in my house gets a blow job," the sought-after starlet tweeted on January 23.

Within hours, she was innundated with questions and offers.

"What may I build you??" responded one fan who apparently in real life is a Lego designer.

"Something wonderful... like a life size unicorn, or a koi pond and waterfall," she responded... and by the next day, there was a photo of a large Lego Koi sitting on her desktop.

Other entries included a motorized tractor (sort of) driven by a Darth Vader Lego figure, a life-size human heart in red and blue, a scale model of a Millennium Falcon, and a tiny Formula One racecar.

By her own estimate, Christy received "over 100 legitimate submissions, and well over 500 shit ones."

Christy had set a deadline of March 1 for submissions, but the fun was not to last.

You guessed it: The lawyers became involved.

"The BJ competition is off due to lawyers not liking my Twitter content. I think it's because they didn't win the competition," she announced yesterday. (Another guess might be that Twitter tends to get upset when "saucy language" like "blow job" is used, especially when used in the same context as the name of a popular children's toy.)

In any case, the contest's off... but Christy did have some parting words for those who were inspired by her offer: "I guess if people want to build something out of colourful, snap together painful to step on, 18+ toys, who am I to stop them?"

Keep trying, Christy!