Christi Lake To Chair Voter Registration Drive VCA and Video Team Support Drive

Mike Ross reports: "Adult Entertainment Star Christi Lake has agreed to work with the NCA in an effort to help promote Voter Registration, education and participation in the cabaret industry.

"The nationally known feature and XXX Star has been politically involved in the past and has focused on supporting First Amendment rights.

" 'I like the idea of educating owners, entertainers and fans and getting them involved, and registered to vote,' Christi said. 'If you support adult entertainment, cabarets, nudity or sex you need to register to vote.'

"Christi will be helping us promote Voter Registration during Campaign 2000, and will do it with a series of national 'third week' fund-raisers. Once a month, during the third week of every month, the NCA will host a special educational fund-raiser at pre-selected cabarets. The fund-raiser, now available for booking, will feature several adult entertainment performers, complete with free give a-ways.

"Christi and I are also working on a seminar series for the general public (Starting in January 2000). The third week seminar series will operate as follows: Wednesday will be seminars for owners and entertainers. Thursday we will hold a seminar for the public and Saturday will be the Voter Registration Bash. Christi will also be a contributing writer to the and work with the NCA to create an educational handbook for entertainers."