Chris Streams Shoots <i>Gina Lynn's Interactive</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Director Chris Streams has wrapped production on Gina Lynn’s Interactive, his third movie for Jules Jordan Video (JJV). The movie is tentatively slated for release in February.

Streams inked an exclusive contract with JJV in October, moving from his longtime home base of Zero Tolerance and its sister company, Third Degree Films. The director told AVN that he went to painstaking lengths to make the Gina Lynn title stand out from the average interactive DVD.

“I first took a look at the standard interactive titles and then asked myself, ‘What don’t you like about these?’ A couple of the points I came up with are that the average interactive title only gives you a certain amount of options when it comes to combining sexual positions with scenarios, and the locations never change. You can only watch her have sex in missionary if she’s in the nurse’s outfit or doggy as a dominatrix. And when you get into the sex, you’re watching the scenario and then, bam, she’s suddenly naked.

“First off, I wanted one hundred percent real pop shots with this one. I also created six complete set-ups and six complete sex scenes. If you want to watch Gina as a dominatrix, she’s actually in a dungeon, if you want to watch her as a nurse, she’s in a hospital. And all of these are really nice sets, I didn’t go cheap on any part of this movie. I took Gina out for a full day before shooting and we picked up all of her outfits or had them custom made. This title is basically like six little self-contained movies, and there’s an interracial option as well.”

“This will be Jules Jordan Video’s first interactive title, and so we’re very eager to get into that market and put our unique perspective on it,” said JJV owner, Jules Jordan.

Plans call for the Streams to deliver one movie per month for JJV, starting in December with the release of Dirty Rotten Mother Fucker, a MILF title featuring AVN Hall of Famer Ginger Lynn, as well as a forthcoming squirt title. Streams will own his product as part of the open-ended deal.

“I’ve been approached by a lot of people to do an interactive title, but I wanted to make sure that there would be something completely different involved,” said Gina Lynn. “All the sets and the costumes for this movie were great. It was probably the most work I’ve done in my whole porn career, but it was well worth it.”

“As I viewer and buyer of porn, I can promise that I really couldn’t have given any more than I gave to this movie,” added Streams. “It will be two discs, minimum. They’re going through the authoring process right now, and telling me that it may even need to be three discs because I shot so much content. I put everything I had into this one.”

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