Chloe Jones Goes Vivid

When she left Texas for L.A. with $400 in her pocket, Chloe Jones, who has just been announced Vivid's new Contract Girl, might have chosen another profession.


"I love what I'm doing," the 5'6" blonde said, "but I think that if I had to go into a totally different occupation I would probably become a funeral director. I've already taken mortician classes."

Her current undertaking is far less tranquil and dressed up than Undertaking, but "you have to admit, it's a growth industry."

Chloe has been featured on the covers of Penthouse and Playboy, has appeared on Baywatch and Showtime's Full Frontal Comedyand will begin shooting for Vivid immediately.

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch is anything but grave about Chloe's prospects.

"She has made a limited number of adult films up to now, always with one partner; but with Vivid she'll be working with the top male porn stars and has decided to go all out to become one of the leading performers in the industry."