Chloe Foster's Still A Virgin in Pure Taboo’s 'Anal Doesn’t Count

MONTREAL, QC—Chloe Foster, who's also gone by the name "Bunny," isn't fucking like one in Pure Taboo's latest release, Anal Doesn’t Count, a delusional tale of teen virginity and backdoor banging by director Craven Moorehead, available now at It also happens to be Chloe's official Pure Taboo model debut.

Foster plays a sexy teen on the prowl, carefully disguised as an innocent schoolgirl to all who know her, right down to her pressed, prim uniform. “I promise to remain pure in body and mind for you… always… amen,” she confirms in her room, before racing out of the house to jump on a nearby yard worker (Kyle Mason).

“Yes, I’m 18… You’re not going to get in any trouble,” teases Chloe to her new conquest before letting him know “I only do anal. Got any lube?”

Produced by Moorehead and Bree Mills with a script from 3X West, Anal Doesn’t Count “gives a nod and a wink to the chaste young women who use ‘God’s loophole’—this is a real thing—to remain virgins… by only having anal sex,” said Mills, Gamma Films’ Head of Production. “Chloe did an amazing job of portraying this playful, mischievous young virgin in her model debut, and we are excited to bring her into the Pure Taboo family. Fans can expect to see a lot more from this incredible performer in future productions.”

The trailer and full feature are now online here. Fans may go to’s official cast page to find out more about Chloe Foster.

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