China B Studio Debuts With 'Buttcakes: Bangin' in New York'

NEW YORK — China B, the porn actress who lost the surname "Barbie" to the Mattel corporation in a January legal settlement, has launched China B Studio with Buttcakes: Bangin' in New York.

Directed by China, Buttcakes features three hardcore scenes with Savannah Stern, Mina Scarlett, Mone Divine, Sundance and Mercury Jones. China is seeking distribution for her the movie, which is available now for VOD viewing and mail-order via her new website

China began shooting her own content earlier this year after moving from Florida to New York.

"I have a friend named Freaky who has direct contact with most of the girls that come into town here," China told AVN. "There's a few websites here. It's mostly urban, I'm gonna be honest, but it's growing, it really is.

"There are girls from L.A. who fly to New York all the time," she said. "It wasn't long before I got notices from producers, and agents here were telling me what girls were coming to town."

She arrived at the title Buttcakes for her first production, she said, because, "I may have heard the word somewhere, I'm not sure, but I used it to describe my own derriere for a booty clip that first appeared on my now defunct site. It's basically an apple bottom. A plum. This series and every edition after [will] feature girls with nice bubbles. 'Cause although the ass market is crazy big now, not all men like the huge, crazy big asses. There are some that like apple bottoms, and that's what this series is about."

The clip of China's derriere can be found on the Buttcakes DVD, along with other bonus features, trailers and still galleries. Asked whether she'll be stepping back in front of the camera, she said, "Not to say that I will never perform again, but right now I'm having so much more fun directing, and my whole career goal anyway is to be a filmmaker, so I'm really doing what I want."

China is working on the second volume of Buttcakes, and invites performers interested in coming to New York to shoot for her to e-mail [email protected].

Sales and distribution inquiries concerning Buttcakes: Bangin' in New York may be sent to [email protected].