Chef Jeff's Music Goes Mainstream

PHOENIX - Adult Internet industry entrepreneur Geoff "Chef Jeff" Mena, known for his website, always seems to have another trick up his sleeve.


In addition to stints as a shooter, performer and host for now-defunct Internet radio station KSEX, he can list mainstream musician among his credits.


Mena and musical partner Randy Myers' 11-track rock demo album, "Myers and Mena Rock Demo," is available for downloading at mainstream sites such as iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and Amazon MP3.


The mainstream release comes after Mena and Myers spent more than five years performing, recording, producing and selling music to the adult entertainment industry through the royalty-free music website


"When we originally started recording music, we did not have any commercial ambitions, either in mainstream or adult," Mena said. "We started recording music just for good fun and therapy. It was the summer of 2002, and my business partner and guitar player Randy and I had just both gone through very difficult divorces. Music was a good escape. At the end of that summer, we had a variety of music tracks recorded and figured we may as well open up a site and sell the tracks commercially. We didn't have any connections with the mainstream music or movie business, so we sold to the adult industry at


"Along the way, we would record vocals to some of the songs. Both Randy and I are lyricists, and he is a solid vocalist. After a while, we had a handful of songs with vocals that were pretty good. When I would play them for friends, they would all say that the songs were good enough to be on the radio. Eventually, I selected 11 tracks that we both felt were strong enough to put out on a demo album to the public."


Kyle Mortensen, a friend of Mena's who works in the mainstream music industry, told Mena about a music distribution company called Myers and Mena signed up, and the site has distributed the demo album on several mainstream music sites.


The rock demo is the first of three mainstream music releases Mena has scheduled for 2008. There also is an electronica/techno solo album titled "Electro-Demo" and a Myers and Mena rock EP featuring two new alternative/rock songs with vocals.


Mena said he and Myers have no formal plans to form a band, but they do plan to continue recording as studio musicians and possibly land other types of music production deals.


Songs can be purchased and downloaded through the demo's pages on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon.