Chatsworth Pictures Releases <i>Cuckold MILFs</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - "Like wine, low self-esteem is better with age," says Chatsworth Pictures visionary Grip Johnson. "There's just something really erotic about watching an old trophy wife either break down or fight tooth-and-nail to prove her worth."

On July 30, Chatsworth Pictures will test Grip's theory with the release of Cuckold MILFs, described as "a hybrid of the Internet's fastest growing specialty (cuckolding) and the adult DVD market's most successful niche to date (MILF)."

As originators of this unique fetish combo, the Johnson brothers are excited by the series' potential market appeal.

"Thematically it's very rich," says Grip. "It has the elements of MILF, cuckolding, teen -- there's nothing like it on the market or the Internet."

Following up the groundbreaking success of their excellent Cuckold line, Grip and Cram have outdone themselves with a concept that delivers a sexual sucker-punch to Mommy-obsessed masturbation addicts, embittered husbands and armchair misogynists alike.

Where Cuckold focused on the traditional humiliation of the male "cuck," Cuckold MILFs flips the script with bone-stiffening results. The scenes feed on the rage of the married male, delivering the ultimate erotic revenge fantasy as unfaithful hubbies rub their wives' noses (and other parts) in a steaming puddle of infidelity.

"Any guy can be cuckolded by a hot young chick," says Cram. "But what happens when that chick gets old or shits out a kid and gains a couple of pounds? That's what this movie is about -- what happens when the 'hot wife' gets old."

Take "hot" 50-year-old wife De'Bella...please. Rumored to have joined the production as a last-minute replacement, the shameless super-MILF turns in a nasty scene that will have even those who can't jack off to De'Bella filling their palms with hateful, premature spurts of jizz.

"I gave you the best years of my life," cries De'Bella to overworked, ill-tempered husband Dirty Harry. He replies: "Yeah... and now they're over."

But while the mean-spirited humor upholds the Chatsworth Pictures standard to great effect, it's the groin-grinding, filthy sex that really sells Cuckold MILFs. Each of the four cruel vignettes manages to conjure a pud-whacker's paradise. Brunette sexpot Carrie Ann is especially hot in the opening scene with Herschel Savage and Maya Hills, setting up a surefire formula for what promises to be a fast-selling product line.

"The success of this series could finally help Grip and I move into a white neighborhood," says Cram. "It's very exciting."

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