Chatsworth Pictures Releases <i>Cuckold</i>

Chatsworth Pictures has set a Feb. 5 release date for Grip and Cram Johnson's Cuckold, the first volume in a new vignette series based on the real-life sexploits of "weak, hen-pecked men, their hot wives and the 'bulls' who fuck them."

"Cuckolding is a mind-fuck, not only for the cuckold, but his wife and everyone involved," explained Grip Johnson. "That's what we have captured with this title.  It isn't about a wife who cheats or couples that swing. It's a mental and emotional study of the cuckolding couple."

"These are true cuckolding stories told to us by people who have lived or are living through it," added Cram Johnson.  "Some experiences are outrageous. Some disturbing.  Some even humorous.  All are real."

The scenarios in Cuckold emphasize male humiliation with typical Chatsworth Pictures humor, as each cuckold is forced to watch his wife graphically demonstrate her extramarital talents. While countless adult features have traded on the subject of infidelity since the dawn of porn, Chatsworth Pictures targets the cuckold fetish in a manner that few have dared to attempt.

Fresh from his gig in 2007 AVN award-winner Corruption, Herschel Savage suffers what might be the ultimate career indignity as he pathetically ejaculates on his own leg while spouse Sophie Dee engages in a blistering lesbian bout with Sindee "Squirt Machine" Jennings.

The other "cucks" don't even get to ejaculate. In the movie's opening scene, Kyle Stone hangs his head in misery as wife Riley Shy mounts "physically superior Negro male" Brian Pumper. Next, Dirty Harry breaks down in tears at the sight of his mate Kelly Wells mounting his boss Justin Long -- and worse, Harry has to remove Long's shoes and socks for him in mid-tryst. A visibly-annoyed Guy DiSilva gets no action in his scene, but instead must hold Chelsie Rae's hair while she goes down on "younger man" Anthony Hardwood; after a climactic facial, she blots her lover's semen with DiSilva's tie.

As hundreds upon hundreds of cuckold groups and websites continue to appear on the Internet, Grip & Cram Johnson are optimistic about their new epic's position in the marketplace.  

"Cuckold isn't just a porn movie," said Cram.  "It's a movement."

Cuckold ships on DVD the week of February 5.  Distributors can order now by contacting JM at (800) 550-3659.  For more information or to acquire your copy visit