Chatsworth Pictures Releases <i>Cuckold 2</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Most people working in the adult industry are all too familiar with the scourge of porn blogger Gram Ponante. The whimsical pop-culture references; the knowing cynicism; the wacky, ironic non-sequiturs; the Lovecraftian invocations and endless yakking about Kurt Lockwood (same thing.)

But in Chatsworth Pictures' Cuckold 2, audiences will see the former AVN scribe in an unusual role. Ponante was one of several non-sex actors recruited by directors Grip & Cram Johnson to wear the horns of shame in scenarios that revel in guilt, inadequacy, and the totemic worship of large black penises.

Ponante plays the grinning idiot husband of Lorena Sanchez, who tenderly washes his wife's vagina before watching her in flagrante di-negro with Byron Long. "Can I get you a deli platter?" Ponante asks, as his onscreen wife inhales black dong.

"Gram was good!" exclaimed co-director Cram Johnson. "He brought his own flair to it; he plays a really good character. We wanted to have a cuckold who helps his wife get ready for her date with another guy – it's a big event for him, even though he's very much humiliated by it. I think that Gram did a great job, and I'd like to have him work for us again in a non-sex capacity."

"Gram sucks," co-director Grip Johnson did not say.

Also starring in Cuckold 2 are "hot wives" Kitty, Jennifer Dark and Brooke Scott. The movie's humiliated husbands include "civilian" actors Max Sunset and Chico T.

"We wanted to cast civilians as cucks to fully capture the discomfort and humiliation the scenes demand," said Cram. "When Kitty calls Chico ugly and mocks his small pecker while sucking off our handsome performer’s giant cock just inches from his face, Chico’s reaction is genuine hurt and self-doubt. By the time these guys left the set, they weren’t feeling too good about themselves."

"We're exploring more of the cuckolding fetish, and we're doing different scenarios every time," Cram continued. "No two scenes are the same – it's really a very rich genre, with a lot of different directions we can go in. We're telling stories that are inspired by or actually taken from real cuckolding tales we find on the internet. Grip and I have checked out different cuckolding communities online; it's actually a lifestyle that is pretty widely discussed on bulletin boards and websites. One of the stories in Cuckold 2 is about a guy that gets off on his wife being with black men, but he feels bad about it. We're trying to tap into what real cuckolds feel on an everyday basis – humiliation,'s all there."

"Maintaining the integrity of the cuckolding fetish is very important to us," added Grip Johnson. "We’re doing our research and birthing a new market."

The success of the first Cuckold has already spawned imitations. Mark Kulkis of Kick Ass Pictures recently announced his own variation on the theme with a description that suspiciously echoed the original Chatsworth Pictures production.

"We're actually flattered that Kick Ass has followed our lead and is coming out with a cuckold movie," said Cram. "In a way, it's like Kulkis is the Cuckold and we're like the random black guys having sex with his wife. He wanted to be where we were."

Cuckold 2 ships next week and arrives in stores June 4 through JM Productions.

To order, visit or call (800) 550-3659.

Gram Ponante was unavailable for comment at press time.