Chatsworth Pictures Presents 'Oh, No! There's A Negro in My Daughter'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Oh, yes: they've done it again. AVN award-winning directors Grip and Cram Johnson have announced their latest Chatsworth Pictures release, Oh, No! There's a Negro in My Daughter.

The new series follows the success of the Johnsons' Oh No! There's a Negro in My Mom. Shipping to retailers and distributors June 30 from JM Productions, the debut volume stars Holly Wellin, Amber Rayne, Sierra Snow and Layla Rivera.

In a variation on the premise of Chatsworth Pictures' flagship line Cuckold, the girls portray debauched daughters who perform interracial sex in front of their own fathers. Byron Long, D. Snoop, Rock and Guy DiSilva are the featured Negroes, while Herschel Savage, Dirty Harry, Kyle Stone and Toby Hillcrest play the humiliated Dads.

"Some fathers are similar to cuckolds," said Grip Johnson. "They spoil their daughters rotten by caving in to all their demands— one day it's a pony, the next it's a Negro with a horse cock. It's this same spinelessness that makes a man a cuck. This series will serve as jerk-off material to henpecked men and a warning to anyone thinking about fatherhood."

One standout scene has Snow as Daddy's little spoiled princess. She's gotten everything she's ever wanted - a pony, a car. Now, she wants a Negro. Her Dad doesn't think it's a good idea, but gives in when she throws a fit. He then decides to stick around to make sure the Negro doesn't hurt his daughter with his immense penis.

"It’s every father's worst nightmare," said Cram Johnson. "And that's exactly why consumers are going to buy this."

When Rayne showed up on set with bruises from a previous shoot, Grip and Cram were inspired to create the movie's most depraved vignette.

"We decided to have Amber play a physically abused daughter," Grip explained. "But in an act of teen defiance, she lets Dirty catch her having sex with gang-banger D. Snoop. She taunts her dad mercilessly while fucking the guy, because she knows her Dad is scared of young, angry black men."

Grip and Cram would not reveal the ending of the scene - but the directors promised that those in search of pitch-black, politically incorrect humor will not be disappointed.

"I think our consumer base has grown since we launched Cuckold in part because of the humor," Grip said. "That doesn't mean we sacrifice the sex; the hardcore content is still our main focus, but the setups really fuel the scenes in a unique way. It's a combination that similar series have failed to duplicate." 

Oh, No! There's A Negro in My Daughter ships to retailers and distributors June 30 through JM Productions. To order, call (800) 550-3659 or visit