Chatsworth Pictures Presents <i>Oh No, There's A Negro in My Mom!</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Directors Grip and Cram Johnson have launched a new interracial series called Oh No, There's A Negro in My Mom!

Due out from JM Productions on Feb. 11, the Chatsworth Pictures release takes the format of the brothers' successful Cuckold line and applies it to an even more frightening scenario.

"As a child, you were always scared that something would happen to your mother," said Cram. "And as an adult, you realize that most of your early fears could be traced to the black man."

"This isn't racist," added Grip. "It's real. All too real."

Oh No, There's A Negro in My Mom exploits the Oedipal fantasies of insecure white retards in a visually and dramatically explosive style.

"There's one vignette about a grieving widow who deals with her sorrow by fucking the black funeral director," said Grip. "Her son is obviously upset by this. But rather than take the logical step of suicide, he sits there and watches in an attempt to guilt-trip his mother."

Always on the lookout for a novel twist, Grip and Cram cast Holly Wellin in one scene as a daughter who must confront Mom's miscegenation.

"Holly's character was sent to boarding school in London, and returned to find that Mom [Shannon Kelly] sent her away to conceal her affair with a well-endowed African-American thug," said Cram. "Holly protests, 'You won't let me fuck black guys!' and the mom says, 'Mothers always want better for their daughters.' It's actually a very touching moment."

Oh No, There's Negro in My Mom also stars Morgan Ray, Kelly Leigh and Vanessa Vidal. Male talent includes Nathan Threat, Guy Di Silva, Byron Long and Jon Jon.

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