Chatsworth Pictures Mixes Niches, Races in 'Cuckold MILFs 3'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Directors Grip and Cram Johnson of Chatsworth Pictures continue to exploit a winning combination of niche content in Cuckold MILFs 3, in stores June 9 from JM Productions.

Launched last July as a spinoff of the company's flagship Cuckold line, Cuckold MILFs hits on three of the most popular elements in today's adult video market: older women, interracial sex and cuckolding. Where the original Cuckold series centers on the humiliation of the married man, Cuckold MILFs provides the flipside of the fantasy - the husband's revenge.

"Cuckold MILFs has become one of our most popular series because it blends these genres and people can really relate to the material," said Cram Johnson. "It taps into what every guy knows: no matter how hot your wife might be, she's not going to stay that way. So you want to punish her for that, making her do humiliating things just to keep yourself interested."

Cuckold MILFs 3 shows the Johnson brothers at the top of their game with vignettes that deliver scalding hardcore sex and nasty dialogue designed to tweak PC sensibilities.

"We did a scene with a civilian actor named Bart Blackbone playing Kendra Secrets' husband," said Grip Johnson. "He makes his wife fuck his nephew so he can teach the kid how to strengthen his pimp hand; that way, the kid can score a white woman to support him instead of wasting his time with hood rats, tip drills and mud ducks."

Grip recalled a scene with Chatsworth Pictures regular Dirty Harry and MILF-tastic Vanessa Vidal (Oh No! There's A Negro in My Mom) as another highlight of the new release.

"Vanessa walks in on Dirty Harry having sex with a 19-year-old girl, Sierra Snow," he explained. "This girl has agreed to bang Harry in exchange for Jonas Brothers concert tickets. As the scene goes on, Harry points out how Vanessa has gotten old, her skin is saggy and he has to support her worthless children - and it turns out the concert tickets actually belong to Vanessa's kids."

While misanthropic humor has always been a staple of Grip and Cram's videos, the AVN award-winning directors have made black-on-white action the key selling-point of their recent work. 

"Black is the new anal," said Grip. "Our market research shows that the consumer has become increasingly obsessed with black guys fucking white women - it's a big part of the cuckold fantasy."

"Anal sex bores me," added Cram. "It's so 2004." 

Cuckold MILFS 3 also stars Kayla Quinn, Payton Leigh, Byron Long, D. Snoop and Guy DiSilva. To order, call (800) 550-3659 or visit