Chasey Lain Responds to Overdose Allegations

Reports of a Chasey Lain overdose and even her death during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this past week were rampant on several internet sites, including Further investigation revealed that our sources, who had informed us that the person in question who had overdosed and was taken out of the Venetian Hotel with no identification was indeed Chasey Lain, were mistaken.

On Thursday Lain stopped by the AVN offices to tell her side of the story. This is what she had to say:

"There are no details, because nothing happened, period. I didn’t overdose. Nevada is a no tolerance state, number one, so even if I had taken too much, there’s no way I could have been released. It’s legally not possible.

"There was no overdose, there was no incident, there was nothing until somebody plucked this out of thin air. I was perfectly fine, and I was with people 24/7, and there was no overdose, there was no nothing, there was no incident. My attorney’s already having papers drawn up as we speak against the people who fabricated this story, because it’s obviously slander," Lain said.

"I was there doing a promo for the band [Digital Underground] while I was there, so there’s no way I could have been OD'ing. [ has confirmed with two sources that she was in fact with two people up until the time that she allegedly overdosed.] I have my badge and it says 'Pleasure Productions' and it says 'Chasey Lain.' I read the other Website, we went online last night, I wanna find every one of these people and find out why.

"Who hates me enough to make up this shit? Obviously they’re trying to cover up someone who’s making up a lie to hurt me."

Lain went on to say, "I didn’t go to any hospital. Can they produce some hospital papers for me please? I’d like to see the record of the police report, the hospital report, can they fabricate that and produce it? Let me see it. I’ve already started tracking them all down.

"The damage is already done, you can’t get it out of their minds. It’s already done, you think the jury is gonna mind if it’s stricken from the record? I am [on trial] in the whole court of public opinion."

"There is no story."

AVN continues to investigate the facts and will have more information as it is confirmed.