Chanel Preston Reviews '50 Shades' Trailer for FilmSchoolRejects

LOS ANGELES—In an interview with Film School Rejects posted today, adult star Chanel Preston weighed in on her impression of the just-released trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, the best-selling series of so-called "mommy porn" novels that will soon be enjoyed as a major motion picture by untold numbers of pornified mommies. Chanel, who's earned her fetish stripes mostly in scenes for, answered questions about the trailer, which has already become the most active film on social media for the year, and her expectations for the movie, which is slated for release on Valentine's Day 2015.

Chanel admitted up front that she "actually read the book a little before it became whatever it became," and that she "tried to read on to the second and third book, but I lost interest after the first chapter." It's perhaps no surprise, then, that when asked if she is looking forward to the movie, she replied, candidly, "I can’t say I have been really looking forward to the movie, but I am a little curious about it."

Of the casting of Dakota Johnson as Anastasia, she opined, "I’m reading that people don’t feel [Johnson] is as beautiful as Anastasia was portrayed in the book, but I think she is very beautiful. She definitely does not depict the sensationalized, Hollywood notion of beauty, but that’s what makes her relatable. I think the movie would have been horrible had they cast anyone of this type. Once people see the movie, I think people will feel differently about her. I will say that at the point where she says, 'Then enlighten me' I wanted to suck on her lips, so she clearly did it for me."

On the casting of Jamie Dornan as Christian, she said, "I’m still waiting to get a feel for [him] … so far I like him. He has a bit more of a baby face than I imagined, but I do think he will do well. However, that could be because I’m not as passionate about seeing the perfect Christian Grey as many people seem to be. I just hope he spanks Ana hard enough! ;)"

About the trailer itself, she said she would have liked to see a bit more fetish action in it, but added, "That’s coming from someone who rips clothespins off men’s nuts for a living." Ouch.

She also admitted that many in the fetish community may be disappointed in the authenticity of the fetish activity depicted in the trailer (and the film), because "it doesn’t accurately portray their own relationship with BDSM, and they are very protective over their community and lifestyle.

"However," she added, "people participate in this lifestyle for MANY reasons, and to varying degrees. Therefore, it’s not far from the truth for many people’s situations when you see Ana’s curiosity piqued because someone she is in a relationship with is interested in it."

She also said that "it wouldn’t have been beneficial for the book or movie to have gone beyond its rudimentary portrayal of BDSM. An audience may want to feel challenged, but not beyond their comprehension."

Along the same lines, she said she wished the trailer had had "one 'shocker' moment, whether through a strange implement used, or a quick, extremely sexual moment where the audience may have gone, 'What the hell was that?'"

But whatever qualms she might have about the film's BDSM chops or the fact that the trailer makers were trying a little too hard "to be tasteful," or her suspicion that the movie will be "a little cheesy," she expressed enthusiasm about the fact that the movie "will introduce people to new ideas when it comes to sex. I’m sure it wasn’t the intention of the author, but the hype about the book and movie already has ignited an interest beyond the traditional views of sexuality. Whether the hype moves someone to explore light spankings on the butt or a full lashing with a single-tail whip, I think it’s important people feel comfortable exploring their sexuality."