Cezar Capone Signs New Contract Girl, DVD Deal

MIAMI - The ides of March bring good fortune to Florida porn emperor Cezar Capone.

Gonzo director Capone, alias Bill Fisher, has signed a new contract girl for his self-titled production company and launched a new line of DVDs in partnership with NerdPass.com.

Britney Pierce joins Morgan Dayne as an exclusive for Cezar Capone DVDs and the website CezarCapone.com. Formerly known as Kara Novak, 19-year-old Pierce is a dead ringer for K-Fed's insane ex.

"We are going for the Britney [Spears] look and feel in the beginning," Capone said. "I don't think anyone has properly done a true mock-up of Britney in our industry. I’m not talking about loading someone who really doesn’t look like Britney into the same clothing, I mean having someone who actually looks like Britney S in the face, body and attitude."

The NerdPass line kicks off this week with the release of Ass Delivery, starring Giselle Hume.

"Nerdpass was started six months ago," said Cezar Capone national sales manager Howard Levine. "Their content is unsurpassed, all shot in South Florida with the hottest models around."

For more info and to pre-order the hottest new titles from Cezar Capone, call Levine at (866) 466-6969 or e-mail [email protected]