Cezar Capone Ships '18 With Proof'

MIAMI - Cezar Capone has launched a new young-girl amateur line called 18 With Proof. The first volume ships to retailers and distributors today.

The series follows the "reality-porn" template popularized by director Capone and other Florida-based shooters. "This is the way reality porn should be done," said Cezar Capone sales manager Howard Levine. "The girls are young and hot, and the sex is raw."

18 With Proof Vol. 1 stars Kelli Stone, Ashden Rivers, Jackyn Fox, Ami Emerson, and Kirin Desado. Male talent includes Jarro Steed, Dave Pounder, Jeremy Smith, and J-Mac.

Capone has been making headlines lately after offering Alaska governor and former GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin $3 million to perform in a MILF movie. 

For sales, call (866) 466-6969 ext. 107 or email [email protected]