Cezar Capone Serves up Second Helping of <i>Filthy’s First Taste</i>

Club Jenna and Pulse Distribution have unleashed the second volume in director Cezar Capone’s hot-selling amateur gonzo series Filthy’s First Taste. Set to arrive in stores on Wednesday, the five-scene video stars newcomers Ellie Idol, Lia Lopez, Kinzy Jo, Jennifer Arcadia and Haylo.

“Down here in Miami, it’s not like the rest of the porn industry,” said Capone, who directs features and mainstream projects under his real name, Bill Fisher. “I want to do something different. It’s not like I’m calling an agency and picking out porno girls like I’m at a drive-thru ordering a fuckin’ Big Mac; ‘I’ll take five MILFs and five first-timers’….With this series, we definitely like to get the girls that have never shot porn before, and it’s tough to convince them to do it. The process of convincing them is part of the fun, and part of the appeal to an audience. We’ll put out an ad looking for nude models, and most of the girls who respond won’t end up doing it; they’re afraid of the camera. A lot of the girls who do perform for us will probably never do porn again. Watching the video is almost like raiding your neighbor’s closet and making a compilation of his personal footage.”

The original Filthy’s First Taste was a surprise hit for Club Jenna, shipping on Nov. 9 and selling over 4,300 copies to date. According to Howard Levine of Pulse Distribution, Capone’s recent MILF School has moved even faster, bringing the director’s total sales to over 10,000 units.

“We’re already into reorders on the first volume, and we just released it,” Capone said. “The distributors weren’t expecting it to sell as well as it has…I had to convince them to do a gonzo in the first place. I had done this thing for BangBros, and amateur porn is really, really hot right now. I don’t know if it’s a fad, or what. But right now it’s just flying off the shelves – maybe because of the new girls.”

Capone originally met Jenna Jameson and then-husband Jay Grdina while producing segments for the E! Channel’s "Wild On…" series. “We would throw the gratuitous porn-star thing in our shows, and I got to be friends with them,” he said. “I was doing a video series with Dennis Rodman called "Strippers Ball" for Playboy TV; we booked Dennis to do a party in Vegas, and Jenna was doing a party next door. I ended up doing a "Strippers Ball" video for Jenna, and I was way surprised at what it did. I started doing more videos for pay-per-view with Jenna, including "Weekend With Jenna Jameson." I’ve just finished a new one that airs in February on DirecTV, "Behind the Lens with Jenna Jameson." We’re going to do a hardcore version, as well.”

In addition to his gonzo escapades, the director has completed three features for Club Jenna: Chatte Magnifique will arrive in January, boasting Jesse Capelli, Chanel St. James and Puma Swede among its cast members. Brea’s Prowl (with Leah Bennett) and Sophia’s Revenge (with Sophia Rossi) will follow.

“The company originally hired me to do features,” the director explained. “My feature stuff is very erotic– the viewer has to want to fuck these girls, before even seeing them naked. That’s what I have to do creatively – make you want to fuck these girls. We fantasize about girls we’ve never seen naked, anyway…we meet them clothed, in normal circumstances, and the desire for that girl is part of that situation.”

“I love Cezar Capone’s stuff,” said Levine. “I think it’s an unbelievable substitute for Viagra – it works.”