Cezar Capone Releases DVD-Only 'Deviant'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Deviant, the DVD debut of director Bill Fisher's contract girl discovery Morgan Dayne, ships on Tuesday, July 29, from Cezar Capone, through Pulse Distribution. Street date is August 5.

"Bill's a great director," said Pulse sales honcho Howard Levine, "and this is a premier release."

Levine told AVN that Pulse will be doing no Video on Demand sales at all on any Cezar Capone titles. "We are taking a big interest in supporting retail stores and distributors," he said. "It's a huge problem when you sell to distributors at one price and to VoD for less-at the same time."

He acknowledged that some studios like Vivid Entertainment Group do sell DVDs and they put their product up on VoD at the same time at a retail price level the same as the initial price level. But he said that "the majority of companies are low-balling their product on VoD and it's killing DVD sales." 

So, Cezar Capone "has opted for a no VoD program."

As for Dayne, Fisher said she is "definitely poised to be the next big star. Her personality and dedication to her craft really shows in her films. Her scenes have developed from completely amateur in the beginning to a truly professional performance right in front of my eyes."

He is shooting Dayne's second movie, Morgan Loves Johnny, with eight ("maybe nine") scenes, to be released in both double and single disc packages, also on Blu-ray. He's also in production with several new Capone lines, including Teenage Delinquents.

Two more Cezar Capone titles, My Neighbor's Sex Tapes and My Personal Panties, will go out through Pulse in August.

Fisher also told AVN that his long-promised Cezar Capone website is finally up and running and will have its official launch during the Internext expo August 8-10 in Hollywood, Fla.

For Cezar Capone DVD sales, call Howard Levine at (866) 466-6969 ext. 107 or email [email protected]