Celebs Solicited for Sex Tapes

Vivid's Kim Kardashian video may have been put on hold for a while, but another company is actively seeking out celebrities to get in on the sex tape craze.

A full-page ad in this week's LA Weekly offers a phone number celebrities can call to inquire about the details of the venture. The ad reads as follows: "Celebrities (From A List Film Stars to Recurring Role on a Sitcom and Reality Shoot Contestants) Make $5,000 doing a solo 18 video. You've seen what it's done for others. Now you can show the world what you've got."

AVN called the printed number to see what kind of information was available about the company, which according to the ad is five years old. We received only a recorded message that identifies the company as "Bait and Tackle," and acknowledges that the number was specifically set up to field responses to the ad.

The number, in case you happen to be an interested celebrity, is 619-849-8758.