CED and HotMovies Hook Up for Second Live Shoot, While Nina Hartley Blogs

PORN VALLEY—It was just shy of two months ago—May 29, to be exact—that Marc Bruder, president of Cable Entertainment Distribution, brought popular VOD site HotMovies.com together with Romy and Bobby Rinaldi at WildLife Productions to provide a 10-hour live online feed from the set of WildLife's Screw My Wife Please (SMWP) #69 ... but this time, they've done themselves one better: They've brought in the world-famous Nina Hartley as a live blogger on the set.

"The upcoming live-shoot of SMWP, which will take place on July 24 at 10 a.m. Pacific time, will have an interactive element, with icon Nina Hartley on set all day for viewers to call in and email Nina and the cast and crew," Bruder said. "Fans can either speak to Nina or email her all day by going to [email protected], which will allow the viewer to communicate with Nina directly, and they can ask [director] Bobby Rinaldi, 'Hey, make her do this,' or 'Have her say hi to me,' or 'Does she take anal?' or 'Make the husband get out of the way!'"

"It's the second time we're doing it," he continued. "This is going to be an ongoing Screw My Wife Please live shoot. The last one was #69, which we wanted that number for obvious reasons, so this one is probably going to be #68, and the third one will be #70 and that'll put us back on track."

According to Bruder, the 10-hour live event in May was the single largest revenue-producing event or title HotMovies had ever had, and an encore replay which ran on the site on July 16 topped even that.

"I got an email from CJ and Jesse and Richard from HotMovies saying, 'You won't believe this; the encore play last Thursday was the largest single grossing revenue producer since the launch of HotMovies'," Bruder reported. "'I said, 'Let me get this right: You played the encore of the entire 10-hour day again and it made more money than the live original?' They said, 'Yes.'"

May's webcast cost just $9.95 for the entire day, or $5.95 after 7 p.m. Eastern (4:00 Pacific), and the same pricing structure is expected to be followed for the second live shoot.

While Screw My Wife Please #69 is set to be released on DVD sometime next week, containing a 10-minute "behind the scenes" extra taken from the live webcast, it'll also be available for worldwide broadcast licensing from CED at that time as well—and a two-disc set of the webcast will follow soon after, so even those without internet access will be able to check out all the fun.

"That cameraman that did the live footage was everywhere," Bruder previewed. "He shot angles and stuff that you would never see in an edited movie, so you're really getting it as though you're standing there on the set. Dave Cummings was there also, and he made it funny, humorous and kicked it along, and Bobby [Rinaldi, the director] continuously extemporized humor throughout the whole thing, so he really kept it going."

"I'll be watching sales of this new Screw My Wife Please release to see if the income is higher," he noted, "because if it is, that has to be based on the live shoot HotMovies is doing with us. But this time, with Nina and the interactivity and the bigger production that we're doing, the fans will be sending in emails and text messages of what they want, and we want that; we want their input, and we're going to try to design these shoots so they not only stay true to the Screw My Wife Please legacy but also satisfy the fans who are right there while it's happening."

Bruder hopes soon to get to the point where the live webcasts will be taking place at the end of every month, all beginning at 10 a.m., in order to establish viewer loyalty—and after all, what better way is there to spend one Friday per month than watching hot housewives get it on with porn stars?