CECash’s Build-A-Thon: Upgraded!

Sites made during CECash’s Build-A-Thon – a weekly event on AdultNetSurprise where participating webmasters build sites using a set of predetermined guidelines and have them critiqued by experienced webmasters – will now have the opportunity to be included on a page link from all 6 million double opt-in CE mailers.

The move gives webmasters the opportunity for more exposure, more traffic and the chance to gain even more affiliates and is free with any ad spot purchased on AdultNetSurprise.

The AdultNetSurprise staff works closely with the webmasters attending the Build-A-Thon, helping them build better sites, teaching search engine tactics, along with other on- and off-site marketing techniques.

Webmasters can use the Build-A-Thon to get inactive or nonproductive affiliates more familiar with their programs while earning income and learning ways to get more traffic.