CE Cash Offers International Income Maximizer

Affiliate program CE Cash is offering another way for webmasters to make money with the International Income Maximizer. The Maximizer is special coding for Web pages within an affiliate’s Pay It Forward (PIF) account.

Setting up the Maximizer requires three easy steps: Go to the updates and FAQ page within PIF stats, use the available code to automatically redirect foreign traffic to CE Cash’s solutions, and increase income.

The added bonus of the International Income Maximizer is that it saves bandwidth costs. When a surfer arrives at a Web page from a non-billable location, they use the site’s bandwidth and have the net effect of lowering conversion ratios. With CE Cash's International Income Maximizer, traditionally non-billable surfers arrive instead at a page that shuttles them to a complete solution made specifically for their geo-targeted location, including payment method.

CE Cash offers the new Maximizer and many other options to make money, including Pay It Forward, All Access Pass, CE Mags, URentDVDS, and Pop Under Bucks.